Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Mommy Post

OK, so this posting is not all about my children..... Its about me The Mommy! I am having a hard time lately and realize that I am putting too much pressure on myself to do and be everything. It seems like at any given moment I have a million things running through my head these days. I will admit that I am a little bit OCD about a LOT of things. Below are just some of the crazy demands I have been trying to put on myself:

*clean the entire house-I am not talking about just dusting and mopping and doing a little organizing here and there.~I am saying move everything clean around and under it, organize EVERYTHING, clean the baseboards, the walls, the cabinets, the drawers, the closets.
I have to remember that I have two small children and two crazy dogs and that making everything perfect at one time is really close to impossible these days. I would love to just have a weekend to myself to tear into this house and really get some stuff done. But I doubt that will be happening anytime soon since as a mommy you do not get vacation days.

*do every cute creative craft I can find that my kids could do. I am not talking a cute little hand print wreath and a turkey for Thanksgiving. I want to make 15 different kinds of hand print activities and at least that many turkey crafts too. I have to remember that my kids do not care if we do all of these activities or crafts-they just want to spend time with me.

*I want to be the most amazing Mommy and do everything for my kids. I want to give them everything they could ever want and then more. Once again I have to remember that I can only do so much and that I have to let them have there wants every now and then.

*I want to be a perfect woman: I want to have the cute clothes, shoes and bags. I want my make up and hair to look perfect all the time. I want to have my pre-baby body back. I need to give myself credit for the weight that I have lots since having my boys and make realistic goals for myself about future progress. I have to try not to compair myself to other women or other moms (but that's easier said than done).

*create the perfect budget for our family that allows us to have everything we want but not break the bank and actually make it work. I have put a budget down on paper this week so we will see how that goes. I tried not to make it too unrealistic for us. But it definitely doesn't allow for us to have or do everything we want to.

I guess basically what I am saying it I need to find a way to chill out and relax and just enjoy life. But it seems like every time I try that things get all crazy around me. So we will see what happens, I just needed to get this out and on paper.


kharner said...

Michelle, I am so glad you decided to be honest with yourself and realize you are only person, a human being, and don't have to be or are not expected to be Super Woman. But you are a Super Mom!! Just take it easy and don't kill yourself doing all that stuff you don't HAVE to do! Just enjoy life and the kids b/c before you know it they'll be grown! They appreciate what you do but you don't have to do so much!

BusinessMenWives said...

I'm moving to the TN area so getting to know some people in the area!

PaRiS*aNd*hAnnAh*MaMa* said...

I share your feelings about trying to be the perfect mom and knowing everything!

Chauncey said...

Okay, Michelle. This is totally me. I'm serious. I go through this debate with myself ALL the time! Thank you for being honest and real about life. Now, I know I'm not alone. :)