Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another new trick-my baby can climb

Hudson discovered another hidden talent he had this afternoon. He learned that he can climb stairs. Thankfully we were in the playroom so there are only 2 little stairs in there. I actually was able to video him doing it thanks to always having my cell phone by my side. I also took a few pictures.

He learned the first thing he needed to do was make sure someone was watching him before he went through all the hard work of climbing the stairs.
Next he used his arms to pull himself onto his knees then his feet and went onto the first step then the second.
Then he was so proud of himself and the fact that now he can get into his or Austin's room anytime he wants.
Yes my baby is still in his pj's at 4:54pm that he slept in last night. Not only is Hudson in them but so are Austin and I too. Mommy is not feeling to good today and since I don't have any sick days to call in I decided we would just be bums all day and stay in our jammies.

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katy barber! said...

Aww! He's adorable. :-)