Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some of Austin's sayings...

Austin has really started saying all kinds of things recently below are just a few of them:

*we have been talking about the moon comes out at night and the sun comes up during the day so he will look outside and depending on if it is day or night he will say "sun is up, moon is down"

*"I not" when he doesn't want to do something

*when you ask him how old he is he will stop and think about it and hold up both hands and say "I ten" and crack up. Before his birthday we were trying to teach him that he would be three years old-which he understood but then he went from being 3 to 5 then to 10 (if you ask him)

*he "loves" so many things- "I love to Play Mommy", "I love cars Mommy", "I love outside"

*"I got you"

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