Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hudson update

It seems that Hudson is really trying to just blow through all of the major milestones!

Brad has been working with Hudson on his standing and he has been getting really good at standing with very little support. After seeing how proud of himself that Hudson was when working with Daddy I knew it was only a matter of time before he tried out his new skills when he thought no one was looking.

This morning while the boys were playing in Austin's room I decided to dust in there and after a few mins. Austin was tired of playing Choo-Choo and took off back to the playroom. Well, I guess Hudson thought no one was looking...... I hear all kinds of grunting and hard breathing and look over to see Hudson on pulled up on his knees to Austin's train table. Not only did he pull up to his knees alone, but he also swiped two trains off the table and took off back down the hall with them.

Hudson is also working on cutting his second tooth (the other bottom middle tooth). He has been handling teething pretty good for the most part. The last day or so he has been a little more needy than normal and a little whiny (this child is always so happy usually). He is wanting to be held and loved on more than normal and has been getting upset if this does not happen the way he wants. Well today I set him down on the floor for a min. and he got so mad and upset. In the midst of his little fit he crawled half way across the room on all fours. He has been doing more of the army crawl and just rocking on all fours. But today he actually took off on them. He did it off an on a few times today.

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