Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PJ Party With Santa

Last night Belk hosted a PJ party with Santa for the kids to kick start the Christmas season. I was under the impression that Santa would be there for the whole party but that was not the case. For the first hour or so they had a dj and dance party which ended up being really cute. We ran into Aunt Robbin's sister and her daughter Riley, which Austin had a blast with. Austin and Riley had quite the time dancing together. There was no one woman that could hang with Hudson so Mommy and MaMa-Ma had to take turns just to keep up with him.
Austin had his first kiss tonight (along with his 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on) which we caught on camera both with photos and video. Riley was laying them Austin. At first he wasn't real sure about this girl being so forward and aggressive with him-but needless to say he ended up loving it.

By the time the dancing was done and it was time for Santa to arrive the boys were over it and tired (like I said we did not know that Santa would not be there the first hour). They had not had dinner before we left so we decided to leave before Santa read a book to the kids.

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