Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Morning- Santa has landed

We started off Christmas morning with Grandma & Grandpa Robison cooking up waffles & English egg mcmuffins. This year they decided to come over and cook for us all before we actually did Christmas morning which was good because Austin decided to sleep in. Once everyone was full we all made our way upstairs to the bonus room to see what Santa had left for Austin. All I can say is Austin must have told Santa he was a good boy this year because it looks like Santa unloaded his sled at our house.

Austin got a nice art easel, wooden tool bench with tools, books, cars, movies, clothes, art supplies and lots of other fun stuff.

He loved the tool bench. Grandma-ma & Papa must have talked to Santa because they got him a cute tool set that has a hard hat, tool belt and power tools with it.
Austin loved his wooden fire truck and all his new match box cars. Honestly his favorite toy was probably the matchbox cars.
Showing off his new toys
That looks like one happy boy to me.
Christmas was so much fun this year, Austin was at a great age (26 months) and was really into everything. We also we blessed to have both sets of Austin's grandparents with us on Christmas morning to join the fun. It took a while to put everything up and try to make it all have a home but now Austin just loves playing in his playroom with all his new stuff. Next year Austin will be a little older and really be anticipating Santa and we will have Baby Hudson to join us in the fun as well.

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