Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas at The Robison's

We celebrated Christmas with Brad's family on Christmas Eve with a nice yummy dinner and fun times with the family. It was so cute to see the little guys (Austin & Caelex) playing together and opening there gifts. The kids really had fun with everything this year.

Below you can see the boys with there reindeer hats on being silly.
Austin waiting on everyone to arrive
Brad's Mom does the best stockings each year. There is no telling what you will get in them. This year Brad got a nice new hair style-his brother Brett also got one but I didnt get a good picture of the two of them modeling them.
Below is Brad & I dont we look so in love.....
Grandma & Grandpa with Austin. I love how we always end up with great photos of our son and his Grandparents at all the events but some how we never end up with good ones with Brad, Austin & I.

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