Thursday, January 21, 2010

27 months old-Austin

27 Months Old
OK, I know this photo has already been used in a recent posting but its one of the most recent photos I have of my little man. I cant believe Austin is already 27 months old. I am a little behind on posting each month for him but I figure its better to start late than never. So look forward to a monthly posting about everything that Austin (and Hudson when he arrives) accomplishes, learns or does that is super cute. So on with what is new with our little guy.

Weight: 27 lbs

Health: over all we had a healthy month until the very end, just this week he came down with a case of Bronchitis

Words: "waddy"=water, frog (he has recently really expanded his vocabulary so its hard to put them all down

Sayings: "seriously mommy", he has become very voicetrous with the dogs and telling them "dogie out or come dogie"

Cute happenings: he has started trying to walk Chloe with her leash on around the house, he loves his babies (Elmo, Clifford and his Frog) we usually have at least one of them with us at all times. The other day he was showing his babies the "waddy" outside (it was raining).

Toys: he loves anything to do with transportation but especially his matchbox cars, he also loves coloring both on his easel and coloring books. He is getting very good at throwing and kicking balls around. He has started taking an interest in his little people again-they can usually be found flying his airplane or driving the firetruck- he will line them all up and let them play.

Other: 1/20/10 he climbed out of his crib for the first time during nap time. He is very good about holding your hand in a parking lot or walking in a store. He loves exploring and learning new things right now. Austin loves to show off and be the center of attention, he will get this look on his face and watch out cause hes about to be crazy. He is not sure what to think about Mommy's growing belly-he will pull my shirt down to make sure its covered, he will give his brother high five, try to feed him thru my belly button and recently discovered that he can feel him moving.

I am sure that I am forgetting some things but this will do for now.

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