Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Patch...

We went to the pumpkin patch the day after Austin's birthday party before grandma-ma and papa left to go home. We met my cousin Tommy and his son Adain there. We brought the wagon with us thinking it would be the best mode of transportation for Austin while we were there. WRONG! He decide that he wanted to try and walk around the whole pumpkin farm while holding onto our hands. Then he decided that he wanted to crawl around. Which I was not doing since there was also a petting zoo there. By the time we left Austin was not a happy camper but he had his little pumpkin.

This is how Austin started his tour of the pumpkin patch.
Checking out the great out doors...

Wow...... Thats one big pumpkin!

This one is more my size.

This is how Austin decided he wanted to get around the pumpkin patch..

He was almost tall enough to play with the little people on the table. Next year little man.

But they did have some cute riding toys for the kids. Austin seemed to love this little John Deere.

My little happy family

Grandma-ma & Papa

Tommy & Adain

Dad, I think I want this one.

What about this one Mommy?

Wow, these pumpkins are bigger than me.

I cant believe they are letting me play up here.

What about this one Grandma-ma?

This is the pumpkin that Austin got. He was not happy at this point. He had to get back in the wagon and he was not a happy camper.

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