Monday, November 3, 2008

Play Time

OK, now that I finally have the photos posted from Austin's party I can get back to posting our everyday fun again.
Below are some photos of Austin playing at the house. He has a bedroom full of toys and we also have devoted 1/2 of our bonus room to be his play room, but some how he has two favorite things right now and they are not toys.

This picture is of him playing in his pack-n-play. This is one of his favorite things. We set it up for some friends who came in town for his party. Once Austin discovered it put together in the bonus room he just loves to play in it. Often times Brad and I both find our self wondering if we are bad parents? We put him in the pack-n-play and just let him play. Not so that we don't have to pay him attention, but because he wants to get in there. We will see how long it last.

This is his other favorite thing. Its Chloe's cage. Austin just loves to hold onto it and walk around it and bang on it.

This is just some of his toys that he has in the bonus room yet he still goes for the things mentioned above.

Some more of his playroom.

OK, he does actually play with his toys also.
Here he is typing his girlfriend an email on his laptop.

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