Friday, November 21, 2008

Giving Back update

Below are photos of the gifts we purchased for our angel we are sponsoring this year for Christmas. I tried to make sure that we got her both fun and practical things. The only information that we were giving about our angel was that she was a girl her age, clothes sizes and that she was interested in learning toys and Dora.

We were able to get her 5 complete outfits, winter coat, 3 extra shirts, gloves, hat and 8 pairs of socks for her practical gifts. As for the fun stuff she will be getting: magic tea set, markers, Dora tub toy, small little people bus, miss potato head, play doh set and extra doh, puzzle, little people stage coach set, some books, a baby doll, and a Hello Kitty photo album. I was able to get all of this stuff for less than $200. I had planned only on spending about $100 but ended up going over some. But I figure that its for a good cause. I am happy that we are able to help this little girl and her family have a good Christmas this year.

I have also cleaned out our pantry and cabinets and have a big box of stuff to take to the food bank.

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Megan L Hutchings said...

It will all be worth the joy she feels this Christmas ;)!