Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More party pics.

Below are some more photos of Austin's first birthday.

Adain & Aunt Pam And Uncle Tom in the bottom

Elmo Live. Look at Ava going after Austin. Dont let the adults fool you. They had more fun with the Elmo than the kids. Tina, Laura, Grandma Debbie, Grandma-ma & Aunt Mary were all laughing and having fun.

Austin trying to walk on all 4's. Thats my monkey

Grandma Debbie & Austin , Laura & Ava, and Chase and Tina watching Elmo live. If you could see the adults eyes they are lighting up just as much as the kids.

Austin looking out the window waiting on his guest to arrive

Aunt Robin, Camren & our youngest guest at the party Zoe
Family photo. Brad, Austin & I

Grandma Debbie & Austin and CJ & Ava checking out the party

Austin wanted to stop and play with each and everyone of his toys as we opened them

Adain having fun playing with the balls from the ball pit.

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