Saturday, November 1, 2008

Party Decorations

Below are some of the decorations from Austin's 1st Birthday Jungle Party.

This is some of the adult appetizers. I had a Jungle/Zoo train which I used to serve the veggie tray in. I also had spinach dip & chips, plates, napkins & silverware in this area. The silverware was in soup cans which I wrapped in scrapbook paper that coordinated with all the party decorations.

This is the table that had binoculars, lies, and animal face mask for the kids. The dress up area.
In the tub on the left of the photo below is an activity which we didn't get to at the party. I was going to have all of the children use finger paints to make hand prints one to take home (on a cute sheet that had a giraffe and a super cute saying on it) and they would also make a hand print for Austin's party scrapbook. But we didn't get to this activity at the party.

Below is one of the tables that the guest ate at. I had each chair marked with a sheet of scrapbook paper, plate, napkin wrapped in scrapbook paper and an animal sippy cup. Down the center of the tables I had animal figures and photos of Austin from different stages thru his first year which were in coordinating painted photo frames.

Look at me grow banner which was hung from the mantle (which was custom made by me "Snips and Snails". The banner featured photos of Austin from the 1st year. Below the banner was oncies from each of the stages of clothes that Austin had worn so far.

Monkey hangout sign which was hung from the catwalk into the living room. In the center of the photo was the favor table for all the kids take home gifts. There is also a #1 giraffe poster.

This was the front door and entry into the party. The sign on the door said "welcome to the jungle" and had wooden animals in each of the corners. On each side of the entry I had two balloons tied to the planters.

This is one of the end tables in the family room. On each of the end tables I had an 8x10 frame with a 4x6 photo from Austin's cake smash session which I matted with animal print paper. On top of & beside each frame there were stuffed jungle animals.

This is the drink area in the kitchen. I had bottled water and juice boxes in the metal container and ice for the drinks in the green container.

This was the food table before all of the food was placed on it. Hanging from the chandler were stuffed animals. I had a solid color table cloth on the table with fabric which matched the scrapbook paper that was used thru out the party.

Below is a banner that I made for the party. Each scrapbook page featured photos as well as all of the first which occurred during that month. Hanging below the photo pages were animals that I custom designed to match the party. These were hung on each side of the molding going from the kitchen to the family room.

This is a photo of one of the tables which the guest ate at. As well you can see some of the activities in the back ground.

This is another table which the guest would eat at. In between these two tables was our patio table which we had the umbrella open on to help with the sun.

This is the table in the foyer/entry table. The sign said "please leave a message for Austin"/ I had cut out leaves from card stock for each guest to write a special not to Austin which will be placed in his scrapbook. The guest would put there leaves/msg. into the giraffe basket.

Another photo of the foyer table

Highchair. This is where Austin was suppose to eat his cake. I (Snips and Snails) designed a custom banner for his highchair and party hat which coordinated with the papers used through out the party.

This is a photo of the gift table and part of the custom "Snips & Snails" Happy Birthday banner.

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