Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week of 9/13/10-9/19/10

Another week down! Austin had a great second week of school, he loves it and is getting so smart.
This week they learned the following:
Tuesday 9/14/10: song Jesus loves me, Numbers- 1 to 5, Color-Green, Lesson: work with your hands; I thank God; we work together;help one another, Shape- square
They also did the below artwork!
9/16/10: Song- Head shoulders, knees and toes, numbers-1 to 5, color-green, lesson-God gave us our ears to hear; sing praises to God;be glad and sing happy songs, shape-square.
There was no artwork sent home today so no photo to show for today. I have been trying to work on singing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" with Austin but every time I do he starts cracking up and will not participate. Oh, well at least I try right?

Austin has been quite the big helper recently with "BoBo", he has been giving him toys to play with, holding his bottle for him, giving mommy diapers and throwing the dirty ones away. When ever Hudson cry's Austin will ask "Whats wrong BoBo, why you cry?", its so sweet. He has also started wanting to hold Hudson more. The photos below were taken 9/17/10

Hudson had a big first this week..... 9/17/10 he started siting up by himself for longer periods of time. Before he would try to balance but within a min. he would fall over, but now he will sit there for extended periods of time.

On Friday the boys started a band, we have not decided on a name yet, but they play many different toddler toons! Austin plays the drums while Hudson rocks out the keyboard (he also does a little clapping from time to time). Mommy or Daddy pick up on the vocals for the band-so far our best song is "ABC's".

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