Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hanging with my boys

We had a lazy day at home today and just played around. Austin and I made a car out of a empty diaper box. It was quite the hit for the day, he did not want to take it off. At nap time I had to "park the car" on his dresser so he could see it.

Below is a picture of Austin parked in his car.
Stopped at a red light...
Driving fast. Its amazing the things that keep kids the happiest. You can buy a $100 toy and they play with it a min. or two. But give them an old empty box and they will play for hours.
Hudson had fun playing with his cars too.
Hudson got his hands on Austin's new lunch box. It only took a min. though before Austin was ready to get it back.
Hudson has been chewing on his toes for a while now but he usually only does it while I am changing his diaper. But I finally caught him in action today while he had clothes on so I was able to get a picture.

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