Friday, September 17, 2010

High School FootBall

Tonight I attend my first high school football game as an adult. Ten years ago I could be found every night at my high school football game, but I have not been to one since I graduated. Well tonight I attended my local high schools game (homecoming game) and man did I feel old. I come rolling up in my SUV (at least it wasn't a mini van-yet anyways) with my husband, my two kids and my father-in-law. It was so different to attend a game as an adult and a parent. The kids looked so young-did we look that young?

Below is a photo of me and my best friend Laura on game day. You can see we are sporting our "Senior Princess" shirts along with our burger king crowns (we were so cool)!
Below is another picture from game day with another one of my best friends!
Fast forward 10 years and below you will see me with my little family attending our game tonight.
Yes, I had my baby strapped to my chest.
Here is my almost 3 year old "drinking at the game".
We made it until half way through the 2ND quarter and then the boys were ready to go.
On our way out Austin spotted the fire trucks, so we took him over to check them out. Our local firemen were nice enough to let Austin sit in the trucks and check them out.
The below photo is a truck like Austin is sitting in -in the photo above. Austin politely asked the fireman for the keys.
Here he is checking out the big fire truck

Over all it was a great way to spend a Friday night with my family, even if it made me realize just how old I am getting to be.

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