Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Week of School

Austin started back to school last week (Mothers Day out program). We lucked out and his teacher Mrs. Carmen was able to move up with the class. Austin was so excited with his new Cars lunch box and his Woody & Buzz backpack.
Below is a photo of Austin and Mrs. Carmen on the 1st day.

Look at those curls!

He was so tired after school, he feel asleep on the sofa.
I am going to try something new this year and try to take a photo of each of his projects he brings home from school and post a weekly blog about what he did and learned at school.

9/7/10: there song was "Jesus Loves Me", color was green, numbers 1-5 and the lesson was: be healthy and strong by eating our veggies and drinking water. Saying thank you to God. I am special and no one else is exactly like me. They also got to know there new friends in class.

Austin did so good on his first day. Mrs. Carmen said he had a great day and enjoyed painting and singing.

9/9/10: song "Jesus Loves You", color green, numbers 1-5, lesson: everything God made is beautiful. God gave us eyes to see. God makes everything. He made you and me.

Mrs. Carmen said he was quite the"wild man" today. He love singing and art again today.
Below is his art work which is a leaf print.

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