Monday, May 17, 2010

Mothers Day

This was my first mothers day as a Mother of two and it was amazing. It was more like a Mothers Weekend for me. Brad started by arranging for his parents to watch the boys on Friday night so we could have dinner at Bonefish Grill (which I love)! While his parents were watching the boys they were suppose to work on my mothers day gift from the boys. Which I have to give Brad mad kudos for....He got kits for the boys to make 3-d hand prints for me. However Austin was not too excited about doing them so we still have to tackle making them. But I thought that was an amazing idea for Brad to come up with. Sunday we started the day by meeting Brad's parents at Mimi's for brunch (Brad and Mark (my FIL) even thought ahead and made reservations!). After brunch we went over to Brad's parents house for a nice relaxing afternoon. We also took some family photos while we were there. After almost 3 months we did not have a family photo of all 4 of us, until that day. Brad also gave me some cash to decorate the house some. I will be posting photos of the deco updates later.

Mimi's Brunch
Me with my boys!

My world!

Brad with his Mother and Hudson on mothers day (Austin was napping)


kharner said...

You look AMAZING!

Michelle said...

Thanks Kim! I have been trying really hard to get back to pre-baby Michelle. I actually am smaller now than I was before I got pregnant with Hudson.