Monday, May 31, 2010

Cannonsburg Village 5/30/10

When we woke up on Sunday morning we decided we needed to find something to do with the boys so that we would not end up spending our day inside again. So we told Austin we would take him to see the Choo-Choo's (he loves trains right now). Well we planed on taking him to what we thought was a little train depot here in town, but once we got there we found a big sign that read "Authorized Vehicles ONLY" we soon realized we were not suppose to be there. But we did get very lucky and as we were leaving a Choo-Choo came (a super long one at that). So we rolled the windows down and made a really big deal about it for Austin. Of, course he didn't know the difference and was just as happy.

Next we went to Cannonsburg Village (a little town set up with old buildings) to walk around. They have an old train car there, so Austin loved that.
Daddy and Austin on the Choo-Choo!

Austin looks so small beside this train car.

They also have a shed full of old tractors and farming equipment

And of course Austin had to make sure he ran all around the village.

The bridge that crosses over a little creek on the way into the village

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