Friday, December 4, 2009

A homemade Christmas

Austin has recently really started enjoying coloring, using stickers & painting so I decided to put him to work. I am not going to lie when it came time to think about decorating this year for the holidays I wanted to just stress out. I am 7 months pregnant & have a 2 year old so all I could think is that between Austin & the 2 dogs I would be chasing them around for the month saying "no don't touch that" or "bring that back". So I decided to scale things back a bit the year and only put up some of the decorations (which of course Brad didn't mind since he is the one who has to pull it all down from the attic then put it all back up). I also decided that we would have a more homemade Christmas this year and let Austin make most of the decorations. So this past Sunday we put the tree up and Monday Austin and I got busy making some ornaments for the tree. We both had a lot of fun working on them~we spent most of the day decorating the ornaments. And this way I don't have to stress out if he wants to take something off the tree and play with it since they are all made of foam and hung with yarn rather than those metal things.

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