Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Craft Play Date

The boys each made a tree like this that they could put in the rooms at home. Its just a soda bottle filled with green paint and then they used stickers & pom-poms to decorate them.

I really like this reindeer craft. Austin made one at school this week, so we decided to borrow the idea and let the kids each make one. I think they look too cute on the tree.
Austin was working so hard here. Good thing he didn't notice the glue was closed.

Me and Austin hard at work
Austin had to take time to play with Zoe he was too cute talking to her. Hopefully he will like his little brother in a few months.
Jackson working hard
Zoe hanging out
The little guys kept forgetting what we were doing so they would stop & play for a while.
This is the only picture that we have that had Gavin in it.
Austin sat down and acted just like he knew what to do.
We had some friends over this morning for a play date to make some holiday crafts. Austin & Gavin are both 2 and had a hard time keeping there minds on the task of crafting but that's OK. Jackson who is 4 on the other hand took his job very seriously and did an amazing job on his tree. Over all we had a good time and nothing got messed up so it was a good day.

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