Friday, December 4, 2009

Fireman Austin

This is Austin in the backseat on our way to school one day this week. He just had to wear his Fireman hat to school. Notice the hat is also on backwards. He is so funny!

We received this fireman hat a few months ago at a birthday party & Austin really had not paid any attention to it until Tue. night when he decided to put on a little show for Brad & I. We were all in the playroom & Austin comes around the sofa wearing this hat & dancing. It was so funny Brad & I could not stop laughing. Well needless to say its been all he has wanted to wear this week. So when it came time for school on Thur. morning of course he wanted to wear it. Only problem is that the hat is a little big for him so half the time he wears it backwards so he can see.

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