Friday, June 12, 2009

Spring Cleaning Day Two-Living Area part one

So as I told you yesterday, I started my 10 day spring cleaning around our house. Day one was to do a "Clean Sweep" meaning just go thru the house and try to pick up each room. I did that (which really wasn't too much work. Now on to day two. Which I have already completed this morning. Day two & three are both the main living areas of your home and for us we spend all of our time in our Bonus Room/Playroom~ so I started here (tomorrow I will do our downstairs family room). I am really proud of myself for getting so much done today in this room. I did the following in our bonus room/playroom:
*cleaned the baseboards
*vac/cleaned the carpet right against the baseboards -you know that area where dust & dog hair seems drawn to that the vac. doesnt always get.
*sanitized all of little A's toys (except the balls in the ball pit & his mega blocks-but I will be doing those, I just have to take them to the shower for a good wash down) I am talking I even sanitized his play mat
*moved all furniture that is not attached to the walls to vac & clean under them
*wiped down the blinds
*washed the curtains
*washed the sofa covers
*vac, dusted & windexed the whole room
*cleaned the window
*sanitized Chloe's dog cage

Ok, I think thats about everything. I will try to post some after photos in a little while.

I am really wanting to get new furniture in our bonus room (sectional sofa, rug, end table, storage ottoman to be used as a coffee table and maybe a new desk for the computer). Brad & I have been wanting to get furniture for this room forever~but just havent broke down & made the purchase yet. I am hoping maybe sometime soon. I am trying to save, save, save so Brad will give in. After all this is the room we spend all of our time in. I will keep you posted on it.

You can view the full article on day two here. For me the room had pretty much already been declutered so I rolled up my sleves & did more of a deep clean.

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