Monday, June 1, 2009

Austin's Bathroom Updates

One of the first rooms I decorated after we moved in was Austin's bathroom.  We are fortunate to have a bathroom that is only accessible from his room - which I know I will be so grateful for in the future.  So, we were able to make his bathroom a fun kid friendly theme.  I went with monkeys since after all he is our little monkey.  I really didn't spend much money in this room.  Aprox. $50 was all that was spent.  The shower curtain was from Target & the most expensive item in the room.  The rug and moneys above the toilet (which are actually place mats) are also from Target both items were on clearance.  The bright colored towels are from Old Time Pottery and the monkey towels are from Kohls (which I got on sale @ a great price).

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Vhiel said...

your bathroom is the same layout as ours... we are also doing s renovation to it and its almost done ;)