Monday, June 15, 2009

Cleaning update

So I have a little confession this morning about my spring cleaning progress.... I didnt do any of it this weekend. I decided to take the weekend off and play with my boys. So today is back to the real world around here. I have to drop Bernie off this morning for a bath & haircut, then come back home and try to get started on our family room down stairs. We really dont use this room~well us with two legs dont use this room. Chloe has claimed our red sofa in the family room as her bed. She loves it. I finally got smart & put a blanket down on it so its not covered with dog hair. Why did I not think about this last year, before she wore the sofa out? So I will try & post some update of my cleaning progress later today. Wish me luck. This room is filled with molding, molding & more molding. Hopefully Austin will be happy playing downstairs so I can get something accomplished.

Also, I will try to get some new pictures of my little guy posted later today!

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