Sunday, May 31, 2009

If only we were rich.....

Brad & I have been watching a lot of HGTV & DIY Network, so our minds have been running wild. We have all sorts of projects we would love to do. We don't mind doing the work our selves (although it would be much easier to pay someone else to do it). However, it takes a lot of money to do the things we want to do around the house. We have only lived in our home for a little over a year and we already have a wish/to-do list a mile long.

Below are a few of the projects we would like to do around our home. Granted it will be a long time before we are able to do some of these (most of these), but we can always dream right?

*make a covered patio out back-we are talking river rock stone walls, built in grill & mini fridge, built in planters, ceiling fans. I would also love to have the flooring of this area be slate tile.

*tile the back splash in our kitchen-this is a more realistic project for us.

*tile our Master bedroom shower. Our last home had this so we are a little spoiled. One day maybe

*finish the area above our family room-this is totally something I would love to do (I don't know what Brad's thoughts would be on this). We could have a really nice size area there for a playroom or extra bedroom

*plant trees in the back yard

*paint our master bedroom -don't have any clue what color though

*hang pendent lights in the kitchen over the bar area

*I would like to remove the vanities in each of our bathrooms & replace them with granite counters with vessel sinks and also frame out the mirrors.

*re-do our laundry room area: right now our laundry room is the walk thru area as you come in from the garage into our family room. I know that there is no way for me to make this area larger-however there is a lot I could do to improve it. I would love the front load washers in there. I would them put a granite counter top on top of the washers to make a nice folding -counter area. I would put a nice little basket to put things as we enter the house along with a little lamp to make this area cozy. I would also put some cabinets to match the others in our home above the washer & dryer for extra storage along with a bar to hang clothes to dry.

Now its time for my purchasing wish list (again this would be if money was no issue)

*bonus room furniture-nice sectional, new end tables & storage ottoman that would double as a coffee table. I would also love a new desk & photos on the walls (we don't have anything on the walls now)

*playroom area- we have our playroom in the bonus room which is great, but I would love to really make this area more kid friendly. table with chairs, mirror on the wall, chalk/magnetic area on wall

*Redecorate our master bathroom- nothing crazy here, just some new rugs & hand towels

*front load washer & dryer

*dining room- I would like a counter height table with leather chairs & a nice buffet cabinet for this room along with some nice black & white photos and drape.

*entry: I would like a new wooden front door with glass in it (you would think this would be a reality item since my parents own a door company.

I know this sounds like a lot or like I am not happy with our home. This is not the case~ we love our home, however there is always room for improvement. When we purchased our home it was brand new, so now its time to make it ours & do the updates to fit our personalities. Granted many if not most of these things will not be happening anytime soon. Again, this list is if money were no issue (a.k.a.= if we had a money tree in our backyard).

Looks like I better get to clipping more coupons, spending a lot less money and perhaps Brad & I would both need 2nd jobs to make all of this happen. That's why this is all just a wish/dream list. Who knows maybe one day we will win the lottery (but then again, that would mean we would have to actually play it to win it).

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The Harner's said...

Amen sister! But we can keep dreaming. You guys would probably beat us though!