Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Office Redesign

The above and below photos are of my desk by the window. I updated this area by moving the items on the desk around as well as removing the fabric on my cork board squares and decoupaging scrapbook paper (which was from my son's 1st birthday party) so this was FREE. I also sewed the curtain panels which cost around $12.00 for the fabric (I already had the curtain rod & thread).

I purchased the above cube book case at Target for $39.99 on sale. Then the green fabric cubes were on sale for $6 (I think that's how much they were). I reused the wire shelving unit in the next area pictured below. I also finally hung the two collage photo frames that I have had for almost 3 years (FREE).
I finally got around to hanging mine & my husbands college degrees on the wall (Free), I also re purposed the wire shelf from this room and sewed a wrap around cover for it from fabric I already had, so this was another FREE project.
Not much changed here. I still need to change some photos in these frames, but have not got there yet.
This is my scanner desk for work & my scrapbook/craft table area. I purchased the 3 wall shelf's at Kohl's for $25.00 (this price includes the vase holding the cherry blossoms on the desk also). All of the frames were re purposed from around my house. I hand made the cherry blossoms for a friends baby shower so these were also FREE.
The above showcases my new found mad sewing skills. I am so proud of myself for making this wrap around cover for the shelf unit and the curtains (which I even lined).

My office is a really nice sized room. When we moved in to this home last year we decided to make it my office (since I work from home)/craft room (which I have always wanted). So it was my girl room to decorate. I stressed at 1st about the desk- I needed a new one and couldn't find one. Finally I found this corner desk (the other desk we have had for about 8 years and it used to be a light wood color and we painted it an espresso color). Then I tried to go with the pink & brown color design but never really made it too far. Then last week I came across this scrapbook paper and fabric I used at my sons 1st birthday party last year and thought How fun! So I finally got to make my room cute and me. I think that over all its AWESOME. I still need to add some new photos to the frames and add a chair to my craft desk ( I am thinking a yard sale/goodwill find with a cute cushion or pillow with the fabric). I would also like to use some paper lanterns that I already have (hot pink, light pink, white and green) from a baby shower I threw for a friend. But I am not really sure where to put them. Other than that I think the room is done. And I completed it all for less than $100, so I stayed on budget!

Be sure to let me know what you think.

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Andrew said...

Very awsome. Congrats, and welcome to the domesticated world. but look out, people will be asking you for stuff soon!