Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Backyard Makeover

The above and below photos are both taken of our house last February right before we moved in. Look how bare it looks.

The above photo was taken before this past weekend and our latest yard makeover. Notice we have painted the patio a gray color to help with the mud that the dogs were getting all over the patio. Also notice that the grass is a little fuller and nicer. You really cant tell from these photos but we also planted some bushes on each side of the step down, last summer.
These two photos are of the area that we did all the planting in this weekend. Brad sprayed weed & grass killer to get rid of the grass in the area we would be planting in.

Above: shows the 3 Arborvitae's that we planted. One on each side of the patio and one on the corner of the house. You can also see Bernie checking one of them out. Eventually I would like to put some flowers in around these plants but this year they will probably just be in big planters. You can also see the fence we had put in last year.
Above: Is the large area we planted in. We did 2 kinds of bushes and some monkey grass. In between the windows were are going to get a crape myrtle, just haven't found one yet that we are happy with.

Brad and I spent the entire weekend working in the yard and on projects around the house. Needless to say both of us were a little sore after this project. We cant wait until next summer when the plants have all really grown and filled in this area. We are also still wanting to get some big trees in the back of the yard, but have not made it that far yet. For now I am on the hunt for some large heavy planters (that a toddler or crazy dog cant knock down) to plant some flowers in on the patio, and also a new umbrella for the table. I still need to take photos of the planting we did behind the fence. We have been some planting fools this year. I think we have been watching a little to much DIY (yard crashers & rock solid).

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Chree78 said...

Wow! Looks great! You did a good job designing it. What are the plants behind the monkey grass? I couldn't tell from the pictures. It really does look good - the other things you want to do will come in time. It seems to take forever... =-)