Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Happenings 1/9/11-1/15/11

What a long week.....
Sunday Austin and I had our normal date to the "cookie store" (as Austin calls it) or Publix's. It has become our special time together just Austin and I. We go in and get a shopping cart that has the car on it. For the record I can not drive that thing. We then go to the bakery and get a cookie. Not just any cookie but a cookie with spots on it. We then head over to the deli area and make a fountain diet coke which we share as we walk through the store. I normally never let Austin have soda but this is a special time. He will request a baby sip or mommy's juice at least two times on each aisle of the store. I started back into couponing mode this week and man did it pay off. I got all the stuff below for just $32. That's right $32.
We have started putting Austin in time out when he does something bad. He is being very defiant recently so he has been spending a lot of time there. When we are upstairs we use the step as our time out spot. Usually Austin has to go to time out for being mean to his BoBo. As you can see below BoBo got tired of waiting on Austin to get out of time out so he decided to join him.
We got some snow this week which deserves a post all to its self. The dogs were not able to spend much time outside so they spent most of there time like this. All snuggled up on the sofa cushions downstairs.
After realizing that Hudson's 1st birthday was in just over a month, I got started with the planing. I planned for 6 months for Austin's 1st birthday party and it was over the top. I might not have spent 6 months on Hudson;s party but I have to make sure that it is just as cute.
The dogs were not the only one who spent time curled up relaxing. Austin enjoyed laying on the sofa in the playroom watching TV/movies.
We finally got a new TV in the playroom and the boys love it. We also got a TV table for under it and both boys love standing by it.
Hudson is ready to go with his lunch box in his hand.
Austin was suppose to start basketball this Monday at the YMCA but it was canceled due to snow. They were suppose to have a make up practice today (Sat.) but the coach decided not to show up or contact anyone so it was really just kids playing.
We broke out Austin's new Lincoln logs that he got for Christmas and tested them out.
Austin and I moved our weekly date up from Sunday to Sat. this weekend. Below we were at Kroger and Austin was driving us around. He is too funny in this car. As we drive through the store and get near any one he starts saying "beep beep, beep beep" in a not so quiet voice.
It was a long week but over all a good week. Austin was out of school all week due to the snow so we spent lots of time at home playing and relaxing. I can say that I really have not done too much around the house as far as cleaning goes. Which is not me at all, but I just cant seem to find my groove still since the holidays. Hopefully I will find it in the coming week.