Saturday, January 22, 2011

week of 1/16/11-1/22/11

We had another good week around our house. Brad went out of town to Canada for the week. Austin actually went to school both days this week. Mrs. Carmen said he did very good both days at school. They are working on singing there "vowel song" and have also started practicing writing there vowels.
Austin had his first basketball practice at the YMCA this week. It was so cute to see all those little guys out there.
I have been busy working on stuff for Hudson's first birthday party and Austin has been very busy helping me.
Hudson loves pushing around his little walking toy~this week he found a new way to push it. He would walk behind it on his knees. He is so close to walking.
Austin still loves playing with his cars. I just had to snap a photo of the way he has his cars lined up on his play mat. Notice they are entering and stopping in all the right places.
Here he is pulling his trash truck "little trash truck" into traffic on the mat
Our good friends Tina and Chase came over for a play date this week and Austin shared his scissors and was helping teach Chase how to cut.
Notice Hudson's red pants to the right in the picture below. For some reason he kept crawling out of his pants this week.

Hudson loves his big brother-he was just patting and rubbing Austin's back here.
And tonight I gave Hudson a grilled cheese in the playroom. I tore most of it into small pieces for him but he thought the left over half of the sandwich was better.

Hudson also finally said "Mama" this week and I could not be happier. We also had more snow this week which caused us to cancel a playdate on Friday and they are calling for snow another 2 or 3 days this coming week.

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