Saturday, January 29, 2011


What a week around here..... It was so crazy that I had to wait a week to post about it. I have tried to keep the photos some what in order but one or two might be out of place.
We switched things up-normally Austin and I have a date on Sunday to the grocery/cookie store but for some reason (which I cant remember now) we did not. Hudson and I went to Kroger to stock up on the Mega Freezer Event. Notice the boldness of FREEZER-remember that for later in the post.
We had more snow surprise surprise right.
One night after Brad made a sandwich he forgot to put the double fiber bread away and Chloe and Bernie decided to eat it. Well Chloe got a little possessive about the bread and tried to show Bernie who was boss. Needless to say Bernie was scared and I felt sorry for him so I let him come in the playroom for a little while (since we have had Hudson the dogs have not been allowed in there). Below Bernie is trying very hard to be a good boy since he was allowed in with the family for a little while.
Tue. morning which is a school day for Austin I walked into Hudson's room to get him up and was almost knocked out by the smell of throw-up. He had gotten sick at some point during the night and we did not know. So needless to say he needed a bath. This was more than a wet wipe and some baby lotion could cover up. So off to the bath we went. Austin decided that he should get in to, even though I begged him not to since we were already running late. Next thing I know Austin has taken off all of his clothes(or so I thought) and is standing the tub. I look down and notice that his socks are still on as he is standing in the water.
Here are his socks drying out from there dip in the bath tub that morning.
Hudson's sheets had to be changed from him getting sick.
The next adventure was a big one. I went to pull out some meat to unfreeze for dinner only to discover that it was already unfrozen in the freezer. I quickly called the repair man to come look at it to see what the problem was. After he took everything out of the freezer and removed the back we discovered the problem pretty fast.
I was told that it would be smarter just to replace our fridge/freezer. Below Austin is showing us where our fridge would be going along with all the food I had got at the Kroger Frozen mega event. I have to say I really thought about crying as I threw all my food away. I had just purchased 20 frozen meals.
Austin discovered a new place to hide his cars this week too. Thankfully the potty was clean.Sat. night we drove to Hendersonville to help celebrate my BFF Tina's 30th Birthday. Her husband pulled off a great surprise party for her.
Before we left for the party Austin wanted to spike his hair for the party but he was determined "I do it myself". He used a little too much gel in his hair (which was in desperate need of a cut anyWAYS). On the drive to the party Austin also decided it would be a good idea to pour some juice in his hair which only added to the crazy-ness he already had going on in his hair.

Like I said in the beginning of this post it was a crazy week. But we survived and can laugh about it now.

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