Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our Week 1/2-1/8/11

What a week, after having Brad home for a week and a half he went back to work on Monday and left me home alone with the kiddos again. I had got spoiled with him being home so long to help out with the boys. Not to mention that both of the boys changed so much over the last two weeks. Austin has become even a bigger chatter box and more crazy than ever while Hudson has started cruising around everything and starting to walk around while pushing things.

But before our work week started Brad took me on a date to the Nashville Predators hockey game on Sunday night. We had tickets on the glass-front row! We had two extra tickets so we invited our good friends Lee and Tina to join us.
Monday Brad went back to work and the boys and I met Dawson (Austin's buddy from school) and his mom Lauren at the Discovery Center for some fun.
I have gone into full party planing mode this week for Hudson's 1st birthday party. Some how it managed to sneak up on me. I decided on a Little Monsters theme for the party. Since there is no real themed items to buy for the party I am having to make most of them myself.

Hudson has graduated to eating more table food this week. He had meatloaf, spaghetti, and pancakes all this week. Potty training is still in full force around here with Austin. He spends most of his time at home running around in his big boy undies and a tee shirt-which seems to be the best way of training for him. As you can see below not wearing pants has not slowed him down at all. Below he is mixing up some pancakes with "spots".
Brad & I at the hockey game
Tina and I at the hockey game
Cant forget my fur-babies. As part of our new years resolutions we are trying to spend more time with our doggies. Austin has loved chasing both Bernie and Chloe around the house. Below Bernie is chilling out in the boys bathroom upstairs. Yes, Bernie actually came up the stairs by him self a few times this week.
Below the princess is laying on her thrown. Chloe has taken over this red sofa since we moved into our house. She spends a lot of time curled up on the sofa-she moves the pillows and blanket (which is suppose to be on the sofa to help with the dog hair) around to her liking and some days she even moves the sofa around too.
Here is a sneak peek at one of the monsters for Hudson's party.
Here Hudson is helping me with the monsters for his party.

Over all it was a good week. Had lots of fun with the boys and got some planing done for the big monster part and Austin went back to school. However, the house has fallen behind some, but that's OK.

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