Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We actually got a little snow yesterday here in TN. Austin was so excited and was very quick to tell us what it was doing outside "it snowing outside". Of course that meant that he wanted to go outside and play in the 'SNOW". So thanks to Grandma & Grandpa he had actual snow gear this year-I am talking snow boots, snow gloves and a full on snow suit. It took us about mins. to get Austin all suited up and ready to go outside and he loved it. He wanted to play outside and check out the snow in his house (his playhouse-swing set).

Here he is trying to catch some snow in his mouth.
All suited up and waiting on Daddy to take him outside to play
Hudson decided to sit this one out and just watch his big brother play from the window
Of course our fur babies had to play some too. Chloe loved chasing the snow
Bernie loved chasing Chloe

I think Austin had fun in the snow and would have stayed outside in it all day if we would have let him.

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