Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Say what.......? Austin

As we all know there is no telling what may come out of a child's mouth when they open it and speak. Well needless to say Austin is no different, he is full of all kinds of funny sayings or statements. In an effort to try and remember them forever I am going to post them for the world to see (while also documenting them for myself).

Recently at an over night stay with his Grandma & Grandpa he discovered a new gift they had got for him. It was a cardboard box store. He loved it and wanted to play in it lots-he was happy to serve his shoppers, eat in there, watch TV from it, etc. Well grandpa playing around asked "Austin is Jose in your store?"Austin replied "no", grandpa then asked what about Philippe?" Austin responds "NO! A woman". Where did he get that from? Too cute. When Grandma called to tell me about this I literally spit my coffee out and onto the wall- I thought it was so funny.
Below is a photo of Austin and his new beloved "trash truck" that Grandma-ma & Papa got him on there last visit.
Well, Austin has been having some issues with sharing his toys with Hudson (his Bo-Bo). Until recently we were able to tell Austin to just put the toys that he did not want BoBo to get up on the sofa or on the table. Now its a whole new ballgame since BoBo has started pulling up. Pretty much everything is fair game now. Austin gets very upset by this. Hudson does not even have to be touching his toy, or coming towards the toy, but only looking some what in the direction of Austin or one of his toys and you will hear Austin start yelling "BoBo coming, BoBo coming, Mommy help me!"
Below is a photo of a situation where Austin was yelling this.
We are in the process of potty training with Austin right now, and as most of you who have done potty training know how hard it can be to get your little one to poop in the potty. The other day in an effort to let Austin know it was OK to poop in the potty I told him that all big boys and big girls poop in the potty. Austin responds with "Mommy poops in the potty? I respond yes honey, Mommy poops in the potty. Austin then says "Daddy poops in the potty? Again I reply " Yes, honey, even Daddy poops in the potty". Then Austin says "Mommy and Daddy poop big?". I stopped for a second and responded "sure, Mommy and Daddy poop big in the potty". Austin stands there for a min. thinking and then says "I poop HUGE Mommy".

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