Sunday, January 6, 2013

We're Back.....

After a nice long break from our family blog I have decided to try and start posting about our families happenings.  So below you will find some photos of the fun we had the first week of 2013!

 Brad tried his hand at making some smoothies for us in an effort to be more healthy this year.  At first I was a little skeptical about it-did he really think the boys were going to drink something with a cup of spinach in it?. After taking one sip of it my self I knew the answer was yes.  Above Austin is demonstrating how his smoothie (a.k.a Hulk Juice since his had to be green (his favorite color)) is making him strong!
 On my first day of playing the part of super mom this year I took the boys to the grocery store by my self (this was after Brad had been off for 2 1/2 weeks with us).  I love Publixs and the boys just love their shopping carts and free kids cookies.
 Austin and Hudson both received new LeapPads for Christmas and they love them.  I have to admit that these little mini computers really come in handy with entertaining the kids.  Above we were at a doctors appointment and the boys were very entertained while we waited.
 Every day during Hudson's nap time I try to have a little one on one time with Austin.  He ask almost every day during this time "Can we do something fun, like make soap, but something different?".  So here you can see him helping me paint some wooden hearts for an upcoming Valentines Day craft I am working on.
We are still working on trying to get back into the swing of a schedule again after the boys being out of school and Daddy being home from work.  We were all lucky and were eased into it this week-Brad only had 3 full days of work and the boys only had school 1 day, which worked out very well for all of us.
We have been very busy in the last 2 weeks while Brad was home from work doing some home projects which I will post about later.

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