Thursday, January 3, 2013

Grave Digger

The boys had their first day back at school today and as a little treat after school I took the boys to see Grave Digger.  The Monster Truck show is going to be in Nashville this weekend so a local store had Grave Digger on display for the afternoon.
 Austin received a Grave Digger remote control Traxxs car for Christmas so he was very excited about the adventure.
Heading in to get a better view

 The boys look so small next to this big tire.
 Austin wanted to know how they got the truck there?  I tried explaining to him that they transported the truck in a Mack truck (which he was able to see while we were there) and that they probably had the truck drive out of the Mack's trailer and onto the grass.  He wanted to know how it got onto the curb?  Hello, it can crush cars the curb is no issue. Its so funny how their little minds work.  I couldn't help but think about sitting at a red light and this huge monster truck pulling up beside me.
This is the best photo I was able to get of the boys while we were there (and I did good to get this one).  Thankfully "Ama" (Grandma) met us there and helped me keep track of these two little guys.  The next day I found out that the driver of the truck was inside the store signing autographs and selling stuff.  I was really bummed that we left with out knowing that.  Next year we will be ready!

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