Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Oh, Dear" Playtime

Tonight the boys have been playing really well together and not fighting.  The boys have really been showing a lot of interest in their play-mobile toys.  They received a police station for Christmas which provides them with all the fun their little imaginations can come up with.

One of Austin's men got hurt and needed a ride to the hospital.  Hudson quickly jumped up and ran from the playroom to his room and grabbed his army truck and said "I can take you".  They loaded the man up and off they went to the hospital with the man.  Along the way Hudson had an accident with the truck to which he says "Oh, dear...".  Then Austin from the other room yells as if cheering him on"Don't give up, your almost there".  

 After Austin's man was fixed up at the hospital he tried to thank Hudson and his men by saying "would you like to come in for some tea?".

As I sit and listen to them play together each day I am amazed by the things they each say.  

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Gemma Kelly said...

I hope my boys play nice together! :)