Thursday, March 31, 2011

Austin's play date with his best buddy

Austin had his spring break last week so we decided to have is bestest buddy Dawson over for a play date. Austin was so excited that Dawson was coming to his house that he looked out the window for him and his mommy's car for 30 mins. before they got here. He took a quick break from looking out to smile for me.
When Dawson the boys started the play date out with a quick jam session.
Austin showed Dawson how to rock out
After there time as rock stars they played cars for a little while (Austin even let his friend play with his beloved trash trucks~he must really like this kid). Then we moved on to snack time so I tried to snap a few photos of the boys while they were still.

How cute are they?
After snack they had to get busy playing with the trains. They decided to move some of the trains and train tracks from Austin's room to the playroom-so the constructed a new little set up.
Then is was time to break out Aphie and see what they could learn
The boys both had so much fun and loved playing together. When Dawson's mom came to pick him up he did not want to leave.

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