Sunday, July 11, 2010

Busy day 7/11/10

We started our day by meeting Grandma & Grandpa at Uncle Dave Macon Days (a festival where they bring an old town village back to life). It was soooo hot today.

Here are Brad and Hudson trying to find some shade.

Grandpa and Austin walking in the rocks
Since it was sooooo hot outside at Uncle Dave Macon days we decided to head to The Discovery Center to meet Toot & Puddle". Austin would not sit down with them for me to take a picture. He was very interested in them, touching them and giving them high fives.
Finally a place that Hudson can play too. They have a cute little room just for babies that has mats and mirrors.

Grandma and Austin playing at the water table
Hudson and Grandpa
Playing grocery store
Daddy took Austin down the big slide. Not sure which one had more fun

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