Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trip to the Dr.

Yesterday when I put Austin down for his morning nap I noticed a little spot on his leg and one on his side, but didn't think too much about it. A few hours later Austin woke up screaming and I couldn't get him to calm down then I noticed that he had spots all over his legs, tummy and back. So I started freaking out. I probably would have been OK about it if I could have got him to calm down. So off to the Dr. we went. Grandma Debbie met us there. Thank god, because I was a nervous wreck. The Dr. looked at him and said he had some kind of reaction. That it was nothing too serious. When I called Debbie to tell her she said "oh, no, do you think he has chicken pox's?" . That would be our luck considering his party is this weekend. But thankfully he is OK and its nothing big.

Austin is developing quite the little personality. He is trying to talk non stop and is constantly all over the place. He is trying so hard to walk. Half the time he is on all fours walking, he looks like a little monkey when he does this. I have been trying to get a picture and some video of him doing this. He has also started trying to sing along with things and dance to music. He hums or mumbles the Elmo's world song. Too cute.

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Ansley said...

glad he is ok. I'm sure I would have freaked out too.