Sunday, September 7, 2008


So after a weekend with the two men in my life, I find myself feeling stressed. Austin is truly into everything these days. I really think he might be part monkey (maybe because of his love for trying to climb on anything and everything or maybe it because he tries to walk around on all 4's- yes on his hands and feet with his cute little bum in the air). We had our first trip to the ER week before last because he feel into his bookcase. This weekend he has decided not to really take naps. I am hoping it's just a weekend thing because daddy is home. I work from home so he has to nap. Otherwise I am not really sure how I am going to get anything accomplished. Also, my job is picking up even more, of course I willingly said ok to more work but I don't think I really thought it thru. Austin is on the path to walking soon and if this no nap thing is more than just a weekend situation I am in big trouble. I have also really wanted to try and start my own business doing something creative. Many people have told me to go into organization since I am a freak about that, others say maybe party planning after hearing about the plans I have for Austin's 1st birthday, but after creating my son's first birthday invitation I think it might be something I am interested in. I am not sure how much money would really be in it. And Lord knows I am not sure where I will find the time, but its something I am thinking about looking into. Only time will tell.
But back to the stress. For those of you who stay at home you know where I am coming from. Its hard work being a mommy and if you try to throw working from home into the mix its even more stressful. But I just remind myself that its so worth it to spend all day with my Amazing son. As crazy as he may be some time. He is truly the love of my life. So I know this has been a rambling, but I truly feel blessed for the things in my life. I have a great husband (even though some times he might be a pain), the most amazing son ( in my eyes) and 2 crazy dogs. As John & Kate Plus 8 might say "It might be a crazy life, but its our life".

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