Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big Date: Playdate, downstairs fun and another tooth coming in.....

So we had a big day today. This morning Austin and I tried to meet some friends @ the Y for a workout. Well Austin was having no part of daycare this morning (yesterday we got kicked out~well Austin got us kicked out because he was a fussy pants). So we went over to Heather's house for a nice long walk. Afterwards, we all stopped by Jenn's house and had a nice play date. It was nice for Austin and Gavin to both be awake at the same time (normally one of them is always asleep while we are together). After that we came home. I discovered Austin has his 5th tooth coming thru (the top tooth to the right of his front tooth). They are coming in so fast.

This afternoon Austin had a big time crawling around downstairs. Normally we just play upstairs. Here are a few pictures from his fun time this afternoon.

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