Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Going to be a crazy day...

I can tell its going to be a long crazy day. Let me tell you about it so far. I woke up around 4 am with my back killing me. I can hardly bend over. Not sure whats up there. So i got up and got on the computer for a while looking at stuff for "Snips & Snails" and had some nice quiet time. Chloe decided to join me upstairs. So I gave her a bone, which she is only allowed to have when she is laying on her blanket. Of course she wouldn't stay on the blanket so I had to take it away and she wasn't too happy. Then after Brad got up for work he discovered Chloe had thrown up in our carpet sometime during the night. So I cleaned that up. Then he left for work. Austin got up around 7am and was all smiles. So we went down for breakfast. I let the dogs outside to play while we ate. Well I guess Chloe decided to do a little yard work while she was outside (a.k.a. digging in the dirt). So when she came in she tracked it all over the house. So I went to get a rag and start cleaning the mess up as well as get the rest of the mud off of Chloe. Austin started screaming in his highchair. For some reason the last few days he does this if I leave his sight. So after getting mess cleaned up and Austin happy. Chloe comes and stick her face on my shirt, which happens to be my last clean shirt that fits that is presentable to wear out of the house. Apparently I didn't get all the mud off of her-it was still on her face~or it was. Now its on my shirt. Today is laundry day.
But i am determined not to let it stress me today. All I have to do is look at my little mans smiling face and it makes it all disappear.

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The Harner's said...

What a day!!! Sounds so exciting! :) Hope it got better! Logan does the same thing when I leave the room. He is a mama's boy! Sounds like Austin is too!