Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week of 2/6-2/12/11

I will just warn you there are many photos in this post. And yes I am like 3 weeks behind again. But better late than never, right?
Austin is quite our little comic all the time, he makes the silliest faces and says the funniest things. His new phrase is "how you doin?" in a tone like Joey from friends. Too funny.
He still loves playing with his cars. I think he would not care if we got rid of all his toys as long as we kept the cars and his prize trash trucks.
Hudson has started discovering the TV a little more, it will catch his attention for a min. or two at a time. I just thought he was too cute sitting like this.
I have quite the little helper.
During Austin's basketball games he has been saying the noise in the gym hurts his ears-so I took him to the doctor this week for a hearing test. He passed with flying colors-he is just using it as a ploy to not play the game. Its amazing that he is already figuring out how to play us and he is only 3 years old.
Hudson enjoying his new car seat-forward facing.
Grandma & Grandpa got Hudson this horse from Toy Story for Christmas and he finally got on it this week.
Of course he had some help from his big brother
Shhhhh, don't tell but we switched Hudson into his new car seat this week. It was a few days before his 1st birthday but he was over that baby carrier and facing the back. He loves to see everything from this new perspective. At first he was looking at us like "um, I think you guys forgot some thing with me or didn't do it quite right".
Austin had to have his picture taken too.

Grandma & Grandpa continued there tradition of getting the boys there 1st pair of walking shoes. Below are Austin's new shoes that light up. He thinks they make him a dinosaur and walks around roaring.
Here are Hudson's 1st pair of walking shoes. Boy have they come a long way from the white leather ones.
Austin has this thing about putting buckets on his head and running around saying he is "bucket head"
Hudson has discovered that he can be "bucket head" too.

One morning I went in to get Hudson up and this is how I found him-one arm out of his PJ's. These are the ones with the feet that zip up and have a button on the front (all of which were still zipped and buttoned). Not quite sure how he pulled this one off but he thought he was too funny.
Here is some of Austin's school work from this week. Can you believe that Larry & Bob are still around? I remember my little cousins loving these guys over 10 years ago.

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