Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day-School Party

We celebrated Valentines Day at Austin's school on 2/15/11. Mrs. Carmen invited the parents to take part in the party. The kids each brought valentines for the class along with a snack to share. They colored valentines themed pictures and decorated sugar cookies. Austin loved decorating his cookie but was not too into actually eating it.
Today was also Hudson's 1st birthday so he was able to join in the festivities and eat some yummy treats too!
Here are some photos from the party of Austin, Hudson and Austin's BFF from school Dawson. The kids were so cute and had fun and loved having there Mommy's there with them.

Austin didn't really eat his cookie too much but he loved eating the sugar sprinkles on top-he ate them one at a time (little grains of sugar).

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