Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tornado Hits Murfreesboro 4/10/09

Yesterday afternoon a tornado hit the town we live in. Thankfully Brad was off for the day so he was home to help keep our family safe & calm. We were watching the news and they were not even really concerned about the storm that caused all this damage. We started looking out our windows only to see the following from our kitchen doors. We watched the tornado form from our kitchen table in the Blackman community. We got Austin up from his nap and went to our closet to seek shelter. We were so close to this storm. But thankfully we were not affected other than spending the day without power. There are so many family's in our town that are not as lucky this morning. Please keep them & there families in your thoughts & prayers as they try to rebuild there lives in the coming days.

This photo was taken from my back door in my kitchen
Shows the formation moving
This is where the clouds are forming the tornado behind our home
This photo is from a neighborhood about a mile from our home. As you can see these homes suffered major damage
This is the building where we signed the papers when we closed on our house. The room we were in last year is now gone

Total devastation

All of my family is safe and sound. Thank God. We were all in different areas of town and all have major destruction just a few streets from our home. We are all so luck. I can honestly say that I feel different about life today. You really are never guaranteed a tomorrow. So live each day to the fullest & make sure to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.

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The Harner's said...

Very scary and amazing at the same time. Glad you guys made it through and are ok. The pictures of the other neighborhood are devastating. Thank the Lord you guys were missed. I'm sure your community will pull together in their time of need!