Monday, February 9, 2009

Austin's been organizing or re-organizing

Austin and I have been trying to spend more time playing in his room rather than just playing in the bonus room. Austin has discovered all kinds of new things to do in his room. He loves organizing his drawers for me. For anyone that knows me, you know how I am about organizing-right down to our underwear drawers. So you can just imagine how hard it was for me to let Austin do this to his PJ drawer. But in all honesty he is not hurting anything or anyone. He has actually helped me~now I do not bother with folding his pj's before I put them away. That way I don't get upset when he pulls everything out.

But I can say that he does have some of my organizing in his blood. He pulls everything out of the drawer one at a time and then puts it all back in. The same goes with all of his toys. Its a process for him. He pulls them out one at a time and places them in just the right spot on the floor and then he puts them back up one at a time in just the right spot. At least he is putting everything back up.


The Harner's said...

That's right. How can we get mad when we see they smile on their little faces. They do get so proud of themselves. The initial response is to get upset but then like you said you realize they aren't hurting themselves or anything else. At least Austin puts things back in place. Right now Mommy is still the one in our house to clean up after little man...and to clean up after the Big Man too...LOL!a

Megan L Hutchings said...

From one organizing heart to another, I totally understand :)! We have to let them be boys but it is nice that they take after us a little bit!