Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa Express was in the neighborhood

Tonight the Santa Express came thru our neighborhood. Brad came home from work just in time to go with us. The Santa Express is a van/bus that is all decked out for Christmas. Inside is Santa and a few of his elf's. It was soooo cold tonight that I double layered Austin before we went out. Once we got to the Santa Express (which was escorted by two cop cars) there was already a line. So we threw a blanket over Austin's head and decided to brave the line. Well, that lasted less than 5 min. It started misting rain and we didn't want Austin to get sick. So we made sure to get a few photos with the Elves. Sorry there are not better photos, this is the best we got.

The Santa Express
In the car on the way to see Santa Express

Austin and I with Jingle Bells & Twinkle Toes.
On the way back to the house.
I felt bad that Austin didn't get to see Santa but I am sure he will have many other chances when its not 28 degrees outside and raining.

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Megan L Hutchings said...

What a GREAT idea ;)! He looks so adorable!