Friday, February 1, 2013

Puppy Love

We love our puppies!  Since we have had the boys the dogs don't get as much love from us as they used to.  However, now its not just us that show them love, the boys love Bernie and Chloe so much!  Last night while they were playing good guys/bad guys the dogs even got to play.  Bernie was a good dog and Chloe was a bad dog because she threw bombs.
 Chloe loves laying on our sofa in the family room.  Some times she even gets covered up on the really cold nights.
 Some nights I will even put Bernie up on the sofa too for bed.
 Bernie and Chloe are best buddies!
Bernie does not get to go on as many car rides as he used to.  Lets face it, most days I do good to keep up with the boys when we are out-the last thing I need is something furry to keep up with.  Bernie went to the doggie spa this month and got a nice bubble bath and a hair cut-doesn't he look so cute. He loved riding in the back seat between the boys (I am sure it had nothing to do with the endless treasures of old snacks he probably found between the car seats).


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