Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast at School 11/23/09

I have been so bad about updating our family blog recently, between being busy keeping up with Austin and it taking so long to upload the photos on here. So I have decided to start updating the blog with the most recent events and then go back and add the older one's as I can, so please bear with me. On to the main event......
Yesterday we attended Austin's Thanksgiving Feast at school, and it was so good. His teacher Mrs. Carmen (who we love) had the kids each make a cute little hat to wear with an Indian and feathers. Much to our surprise Austin actually kept his hat on the whole time (although I think Grandpa would have rather him taken it off considering that Grandpa held Austin during the lunch and ended up with the feathers from the hat in his face the entire time). Austin had quite the guest list for his lunch-Mommy, Daddy, Grandma & Grandpa were all able to attend. Grandma & Grandpa had been wanting to visit Austin's school and see his class so it was the perfect opportunity.
We had taken Austin to the Dr on Monday for a cold that he just couldn't get rid of and they gave us steroids & a inhaler with Albuteral for him. Needless to say the meds. make him very hyper and happy-which we are happy that he is in such a good mood. Austin has really started saying a lot of new things in the last few days such as "I up", "Me down" "my room" and "I out". Its great that he is finally able to communicate a little more with what he wants or how he is feeling- makes it easier on us all.

Austin's little name card at the food table
Mommy and her little Turkey!
Our happy family

Austin chowing down on Grandpa's food
Drinking Grandpa's sweet tea
On to the good stuff~Deserts!

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